Prof. Roy de Vita

@ Instituto dei Tumori Regina Elena

Roy de Vita is one of the most well-known plastic surgeons in Italy.  Head Physician of the Plastic Surgery Division of Regina Elena Cancer Institute in Rome, he has been head surgeon in more than 10,000 surgical operations.

Immediately after completing his degree, he began to increase and improve his experience and knowledge working and studying in the most important specialized centers in Italy and abroad.

In 1982, for one year, actively participating in the Operating Theatre, Wards and Outpatients, he followed the work of  Prof. Giorgio Sulsenti, otorhinolaryngologist of  international fame, focusing his interests on the study of functional and cosmetic nose surgery.
Then from 1985-1986, taking leave for further professional studies and after becoming certified as a  doctor in the United Kingdom, he took up a position at the  Queen Victoria Hospital in East Greansted, one of the most prestigious Centres for Plastic Surgery in the world. Founded by one of the fathers of the specialization,  Sir Archibald McIndoe, the Queen Victoria Hospital has been the training ground for many of the most important plastic surgeons from the United States and various European countries. In the period in which he worked in England, other than carrying out regular duties in the Operating Theatre, Wards and Outpatients, he also worked in the Burns Unit in the hospital. At the same time, he also carried out surgery and outpatients duties at the Brighton General Hospital and the Sussex Hospital in Canterbury and Saint Bart’s Hospital in Rochester, affiliated with the Queen Victoria Hospital.

At the end of 1986, he took up a professorship in Plastic Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rome „La Sapienza“.

From 1986 to 1992 he worked with Gianfranco Fegiz, General Surgeon of world fame and of undoubted skill, actively participating in duties in the Operating Theatre, Wards and Outpatients, enriching his technical and scientific experience and knowledge in General Surgery, the base specialization for specialist surgeons, and he also began an active collaboration with  Prof. Fegiz in Breast Reconstruction Surgery.

However, he still continued to regularly visit the hospitals of the most important specializations in the world – in Paris with Prof. Illouz for liposuction, in the United States in Atlanta, first with Prof. Bostwick and then with Prof. Nahai respectively for breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery, and at times, in the USA in Palo Alto with Prof. Brent for ear surgery.

In June 2002,  he won a National Selection Exam based on qualifications and examinations, and was called to take up the position of Head Physician of the Plastic Surgery Division of the Regina Elena Cancer Institute. He is presently one of the members of the Superior Council for Health, the most important consulting body for the Ministry of Health, as the expert for Plastic Surgery.

De Vita, opening up to the general public, has set underway a campaign to spread information on the problems surrounding plastic and reconstruction surgery, using traditional communication channels such as television and magazines. He is often a guest on the TV talk shows „Porta a Porta“,  „Uno Mattina“, „Check-up“, „Italia sul Due“,“Verissimo“, for the first time in Italy bringing to the small screen the issue of plastic surgery, even carrying out the first live surgical operation („Bisturi“).