Lucie Kalinová

@ Brandeis Clinic by Lucie Kalinová

Lucie Kalinová is a leading doctor with many years of experience and also the director of the leading Czech private clinic Brandeis Clinic by Lucie Kalinová.

MD Lucie Kalinová, PhD. gained several years of experience in the public sector and worked as the head of the plastic surgery department at the Bulovka Hospital. She is a prominent figure in aesthetic medicine in the Czech Republic and one of the few women in an otherwise male-dominated field. She is the author of several professional publications on plastic surgery and a frequent guest at Czech and international conferences devoted to new developments in the field.

Her experience with surgical procedures, excellent knowledge of anatomy and knowledge from international symposia enabled her to become a trainer for the application of injectable materials in facial aesthetics at Allergan®. She is the owner of a well-equipped outpatient facility that also serves as a training center for the application of the company’s products. She is the trainer for the application of Botox®, Juvederm® and Belkyra® filler products for the Czech Republic.